We selected our apparel and merchandise to marry our wines and other seasonal spirits.


“We got the shirts and they are great”

Mieke Ackel, Barnstable MA

“ I don’t know where you had these shirts made but this is the most beautiful fabric i have ever touched. It is so soft. My mom might try to snag it from me”

Alexandra Kappaz, Potomac, MD

“Really high quality and the cotton is so soft”

Kate Sheekey-Stevens, Stowe, Vermont

“Really really nice”

Caroline C. Newtown Square, PA

Our story

Cape Cod Cellars 21
In the 19th century, English & Irish seaman would consult French negociants when selecting which wines and cuisines to serve at high table. Cape Cod Cellars understands this tradition. What started as a private reserve of wines for selected families and hotels in Chatham, Cape Cod has crossed the pond and is bringing it back home in Europe. From the finest wines in the world to our own CCC branded reserve, Cape Cod Cellars offers a unique experience to you. And, as you know, it has evolved beyond one’s pallet to one’s personal lifestyle offering.

Coming Soon, Our Wintry, Country Cool