About us

We have been going to the Cape since the early 1970s. Our first voyage was in our country squire with our cat whiskers, sea shells and red buckets from KFC. Over the next few decades, we lived and worked on Cape Cod and Nantucket. As a student at Boston College, Cape Cod Cellars founder Tim Cooney shucked oysters at The Lobster Trap on Nantucket and painted homes while living on Pleasant street. Tim’s sister Kathleen waited tables at Christians restaurant in Chatham. Today, Tim’s children enjoy the Cape with adventures at Cape Cod Sea Camp, playing tennis at CBTC or simply “being kids” at the home on Linden Tree lane.

Starting in 2005, our family started buying wine under its own brand including its Chatham Chardonnay and Chatham Cabernet. Over the years we selected other varietals including our trademarked Nantucket Red and our Schooner’s Sauvignon Blanc. Each year, we taste wines from all over the world that we feel reflect the spirit, taste and qualities of the Cape, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. We also talk to our friends like you and ask your opinion! Check out our video below.

In the 19th century, English & Irish seaman would consult French negociants when selecting which wines and cuisines to serve at high table. Cape Cod Cellars understands this tradition. What started as a private reserve for hotels, family and select restaurants in Chatham, Cape Cod, Cape Cod Cellars (“CCC”) has crossed the pond. From the finest wines in the world to our own CCC branded reserve, Cape Cod Cellars offers a unique experience for you, from one’s pallet to one’s personal lifestyle offering.

Directors and Senior Advisors

George Chip Stelljes III
Senior Advisor and Member of the Advisory Board

Mr. Stelljes is currently the managing partner of private equity investment vehicle St. John’s Capital, LLC. With an extensive history of leadership and excellence in business management and holds MBA from the University of Virginia.

Jerry Johnson- Partnership & Capital Advisor
Jerry is a partner at RLJ Equity. A former White House Fellow, Jerry has held positions with McKinsey and Co., DLJ, American Capital and Bank of America. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Tara Douglas-Home
Experienced British business advisor. Senior managing consultant in IBM Global Business Services with experience in the Retail, International E-Commerce and Utilities industries, among others.


Dr. Marcel Bessent Phd
Has significant experience in the investment field having worked for several years at JP Morgan running a derivatives arbitrage desk as well as the investment fund Citadel.


Timothy Cooney, Founder & Chairman
Founded Cape Cod Cellars. Tim is an entrepreneur, a builder of brands and companies. Worked as an associate counsel in The White House for 3 years and worked over a decade in the investment industry with firms as Loomis, JP Morgan and Bessemer.


Robert Murphy- Distribution and Fine Wine Expert
Fine Wine Consultant with over 30 years in the hospitality industry.

Seb Waligorski – Marketing and Technology Senior Advisor
A globally experienced specialist in developing online business using the newest technology and marketing strategies.

Rhona Sutton, LLC (Apparel & Merchandise Advisor)
With studios in London and New York, Rhona Sutton, LLC works closely with CCC founder Tim Cooney in factory sourcing, inventory sampling/stocking.


Stuart Armstrong- Artistic Design Curator
Illustrator working in traditional and digital media. He has over 35 years experience in art, including 20 years spent in computer graphics.


Kathlin Argiro – Marketing and Branding Advisor
Seasoned Fashion Designer and entrepreneur who has over 20 years of design and product development experience.